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*This is a private pay service.
Offering visiting nurse services that provide a superior level of supportive care for optimal mental and physical recovery.
• Cosmetic Procedure Aftercare

• Major Illness & Infection Recovery

• Pre- and Post-Surgical Support & Recovery

Wellness. Integrity. Recovery.

We provide peace of mind with a trained medical professional who will review your medications, assist with pain management, assess your healing, reduce complications, and lower stress before & after surgery, and beyond.

Meet Kristin Turnage, RN
Director of Nursing Services

Kristin Turnage was born and raised in the Central Valley of California. She has been in the medical field over 15 years working from Modesto to L.A. County. Kristin started as an EMT, then transitioned to the hospital where she finished LVN school and continued her education to graduate with her RN license. Her most recent experience has been in management positions with skilled nursing facilities and home-health agencies.

Kristin prefers the individualized, one-on-one time and attention inherent in home nursing and is happy to continue her passion for assisting clients back to health on the journey to recovery with Assured Nursing Solutions. She enjoys living near Yosemite and Sequoia National Park and participating in many outdoor adventures with her two daughters.

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• Monitor vital signs
• Pain management
• Insulin injections
• IV infusions
• Medication management
• Collaboration with healthcare team
• Cosmetic surgery aftercare
• Pre- and post-surgical support & recovery
• Surgical aftercare
• Early detection of infection
• Postpartum recovery
• Major illness & infection recovery
• Personalized nursing care in your home or residence
*This is a private pay service.

Nursing Care Packages and Hourly Service

HOURLY RN SUPPORT - Licensed and Insured Registered Nursing Services
We understand that care needs vary. Whether you're looking for nursing oversight, nursing management, or simply a private registered nurse to visit your loved one, we offer hourly rates to meet your varying needs of care on an as-needed basis. Schedule a wellness visit or routine check-ins at a flat hourly rate.
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*This is a private pay service.
Rest and recovery is assured with our Wellness Package that provides a pre-service consultation, support & care plan, and an in-home RN visit.

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Get the support you need to recover from a surgery or major illness with our comprehensive Platinum Package. Includes pre-service consultation, support & care plan, two in-home RN visits, medication management and more.
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Recover like a VIP with Assured Nursing Solutions' VIP Package that includes pre-surgery consultation, support & care plan, transportation to home, a nurse to welcome you home, three in-home RN visits, meals, and so much more.
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